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I’m happy to have a forum where I can share news, as well as a few sneak peaks of recent sessions. Please feel free to leave a comment if you are so inspired. My main photography website is for showcasing images from a few events, but the stories behind the images are important too. I am blessed with a lot of fun clients that make what I do rewarding in so many ways, and a blog is a great way to share them with everybody.

My Style

The dominance of digital technology in photography has really changed the way weddings are photographed. Photographers are sometimes lumped into three catergories based on their approach: photojournalistic, traditional, and editorial. I believe the best way to photograph a wedding is to combine the best aspects of all three styles into one comprehensive look that fits together perfectly to tell the story of the wedding day.

Photojournalism is about unobtrusively capturing what’s happening; going for those very real, spontaneous moments. I spend the majority of each wedding day doing just that and I love it. Traditional photography still plays a large role because people cherish group portraits, especially when friends and family have come together on one special day and everybody looks their best. I think of editorial photography as creating images that belong in a magazine. Sometimes very posed, sometimes spontaneous….sometimes posed to look spontaneous! The world of fashion and publishing is having a strong influence on the look of modern wedding images. Every time I shoot, I’m envisioning a perfect wedding album coming together, utilizing the best of these styles to tell the story.

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