Jen & Sean at the Wedding Bowl

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On April 11, Jen & Sean ‘jumped the broom’ at the wedding bowl in La Jolla. We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day for an outdoor ceremony at the beach – it was perfect. Jen wore a special necklace that was first worn on the wedding day of her great grandmother in April of 1908, almost exactly 100 years ago. Her grandmother and mother made wearing the necklace a wedding day tradition, which Jen honored with grace.

The reception followed at the Prospect Bar and Lounge, with a wonderful view of downtown La Jolla and the cove from their second floor patio. Luckily, Jen & Sean made photography a priority on their wedding day. They made time to walk down to the cove between dinner and the rest of the reception festivities, and they were rewarded with a picture postcard sunset on the water and some beautiful images to remember it by. If you’ve checked out my main site very recently, you’ll notice I’ve already updated the wedding section with some of my favorites from Jen & Sean’s wedding, but I could easily have posted twice as many. I owe a special thank you to Ed Taylor for shooting with me that day, as well as Holly Carlyle for her help. Here are just a few of my favorites:
A moment just after the ceremony:
jen jen2jen2jen4
You can check out the slideshow below to see the whole story:

Welcome to the World, Baby Ryanna.

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Our longtime friends Ryella & Jeff welcomed their first baby into the world on April 9. Baby Ryanna wieghed in at a healthy 7lbs, 12 ounces, and she’s been doing just great. Kristie and I were super excited to visit them in the hospital up in Orange County a few days later, as they were just hours away from taking her home. I remember the feelings I had when they put my daughter Ruby into my arms and I had to put her in a car seat for the first time – it’s a momentous feeling mixed with elation, frayed nerves, and a million questions, all at once. We kind of knew what they were going through that day, wondering what it would be like to just be home.

Of course, I seldom travel anywhere without a camera, so I took a few shots for posterity. I know all babies are supposed to be cute, but some are definitely cuter than others….oh, and the smell of her little head! Why do babies have such an amazing scent to their hair? Ryanna’s fingers and toes will never be as tiny as they are now, so I was glad to be able to capture these images for Ryella and Jeff.

Baby feet! Babies get “Lo-Jack” on their ankles nowadays.
ryanna2 ryanna3 ryanna4 ryanna5

Eryn & Dan, High Spirits.

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Eryn & Dan were married aboard the Hornblower High Spirits last Saturday, April 5. Eryn & Dan booked me a year in advance so I’d been looking forward to it for quite a while. When my wife Kristie and I got married, we hosted our reception abaord the High Spirits, so it was a treat for me to be back on board for the first time since my own wedding.

Eryn was getting ready with her girls Lena and Rebecca in a tenth floor hotel room, facing the bay, while Dan and his guys Lee and Matt, donned their tuxes in a room in the next hotel over. Excitement about the wedding was buzzing in the air, but there was a strong underlying sense of calm reassurance, the kind that only people who’ve been together a long time can have. Friends and family where all familiar to one another, as Eryn and Dan have been together over 8 years now and everyone has known them as a couple for so long. The cruise went well; the ceremony was thoughtful and sweet, the food was great, and the dancing was about as funky as it gets. Here’s a handful of images from the day.

hornblower wedding

hornblower wedding san diego

Eryn and Lena, Her Maid of Honor:


Ed Taylor was kind enough to work with me for the day, and contribute a bunch of shots, including this one of the guys:

hornblower wedding

Eryn & Dan, the First Look:

hornblower wedding

hornblower wedding

hornblower wedding

hornblower wedding

“Uhm…Has anyone seen my yacht?”hornblower wedding

A Kiss Aboard the Yacht:

hornblower wedding

From the First Dance:

hornblower wedding

Getting Funky:

hornblower wedding

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