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Hello Everybody!

I am very happy to finally announce that my new-and-improved website for wedding and portrait photography is up and running. Yay! It’s been a challenging couple of weeks since the upgrade involved moving parts of my site to new web servers and spiffing up things internally all the way around. There were a few days there were client galleries were down in some areas, along with most of my blog, but all of that has been taken care of and we’re back to business as usual, except that we’re even better than before. The site has a great new look, and I’m looking foward to adding more new content, especially portrait images, since I’ve been doing more and more portraits these days. If haven’t been to my main website recently, you are invited to check it out!

The New DeFalco Photography Website

San Diego Wedding Photography Website

If you had the ‘old site’ bookmarked, it’s likely that it ended with “.com/index.html.” If that’s the case, your bookmark will need to be updated since there is no longer an index page when you land on the site. Just “.com” will do now. If you bookmarked your client gallery, you’ll want to update the link to include the word “clients” after “defalcophoto” so that it’s ‘”” or you can click the client access link to the right under the blog roll heading.

Thank You Everyone!

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