The Girls, and Getting Ready at the W Hotel.

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I’ve written a little  bit on this blog before about how much I enjoy the ‘getting ready’ part of the wedding day. It really is an honor to be part of so many moments that are generally reserved for the closest friends and family; when a woman transforms from her usual self, into a Bride, just for one day. As much as I love photographing portraits, it’s always a fun challenge to find interesting ways to photograph details, like the flowers, or my favorite, the shoes. It’s the part of the day where everyone is in a great mood, and there are always little a bit of nerves just sort of tingling in the air. For me, the ‘getting ready’ part of the day is it’s own little story within a story. It’s about families growing, close friends marking a new chapter in their story together, and countless hours of planning coming to fruition right in front of the camera.

When it came time to go to the W Hotel to see Brooke and her girls getting ready, I already knew the day had amazing potential for beautiful images. She and Dominic chose to have their ceremony at USD Immaculata, and their reception at the Ultimate Skybox at Diamondview Towers, which are two of my favorite wedding venues in San Diego. The W Hotel was familiar to me, but Brooke added a bonus by managing to move into the “WOW” suite on the top floor, which is spectacular. The day got off to a great start and we made the best of being at W before the girls boarded their trolly bus headed for USD. I’ll be ready to share the whole wedding day pretty soon, but for now, I just wanted to share a little bit of what is often, my favorite part of the wedding day. Plus, I’ve never had a bride volunteer to jump on the bed right after getting her dress on, so enjoy!

W Hotel Wedding Blog001

W Hotel Wedding Blog002

W Hotel Wedding Blog003

W Hotel Wedding Blog004

W Hotel Wedding Blog005

W Hotel Wedding Blog006

Brooke chose Katie, from “a dab will do you” in La Jolla, to be her MUA…..make up artist, that is. W Hotel Wedding Blog007

W Hotel Wedding Blog008

W Hotel Wedding Blog009

The dress is almost ready to go. That must mean it’s time to….

W Hotel Wedding Blog010


W Hotel Wedding Blog011

W Hotel Wedding Blog012

W Hotel Wedding Blog013

W Hotel Wedding Blog014

Down by the pool room, with a retro-twist

W Hotel Wedding Blog015

W Hotel Wedding Blog016

It’s hard to go wrong with six beautiful women in one photograph.

W Hotel Wedding Blog017

W Hotel Wedding Blog018

Sailing into the Sunset with Dawn and Michael

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A little over a week ago, I had the pleasure of sailing with Dawn, Michael, their family and friends, aboard the Harbor Excursion yacht ‘Quiet Heart.’ I’ve photographed quite a few weddings on the bay , but none quite this intimate. It wasn’t long before I knew the names of just about everyone on board. Most everybody, including Dawn and Michael, came out from Arizona to have a destination wedding here in San Diego, so you can imagine what a treat it was for everyone to enjoy an evening on the bay with a beautiful ceremony and well-catered reception dinner.

I first met up with Dawn at the downtown hotel where she was getting ready, along with her parents.



I popped into the cafe near the boarding dock a little ahead of schedule, only to find Dawn’s father, Tom, going over his notes for his toast.


The upper deck of the Quiet Heart












It started out with a bunch of birds, and then things pretty much just got crazier from there!










A first dance on the bow…




…and fireworks off the stern.HarborExcursionWedding031



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